Supply Affairs

Supply Affairs

Hospital Director assistant of Supply Affairs

Brig.Gen.Dr.Mohammed Al jamal

Assistant Hospital Director for Supply Affairs


Supply affairs is committed to clinical care objectives by providing the Hospital with expert, resourceful, cost effective and compliant supply chain management. Promotes innovative solution and advance the Hospital to the next generation of supply chain optimization and savings.


To be increasingly recognized throughout the kingdom in the field of Health Care Services for our excellence in supply chain management programs, the quality and willingness to meet needs of the hospital for patients services and care

Patient Focused

Professional and Ethical

Honesty and Integrity

Accountable and Socially Responsible


Ensures the continuity and availability of supplies in specified quantity and quality at economic cost. Maintain the proper management in planning, procurement, receiving, storage and distribution. Establish standard procedures for the evaluation and trial of new technology of medical device for hospital departments.


Responsible for the management of the Hospital supply process including the receiving, distribution, control and disposal (or termination) of items, and equipment. Ensures that acquisitions are completed in a fair and reasonable manner with attention to applying best practices in government purchasing regulations to achieve the best value. Requests for supplies are evaluated professionally to meet the requirements of the hospital departments. Receiving, storing and distribution of supplies is handled in a safe, timely and efficient manner. Monitoring and evaluating the quality of patient service and to identify areas for improvement.

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