Administration Affairs

Administration Affairs

Hospital Director assistant of Administration Affairs

Col.Saleh Al-Ghamdi

Assistant Hospital Director for Administrative Affairs

About Administration Affairs

Office of the Assistant Hospital Director for Administrative Affairs supervises, follows up and carries out all tasks related to administrative work in accordance of the regulations and laws adopted by the hospital. it is ensured to provide a healthy working environment for the staff of the hospital

Tasks and Responsibilities – Assistant Hospital Director for Admin Affairs
  • Supervising the departments described in the organizational chart and follow up on their daily administrative work.
  • Participate and follow up the strategic plans and prepare the annual administrative report of the hospital.
  • Discuss the most important administrative observations and work to developing and facilitate all procedures through the competent committees
  • Adopting legal procedures in all cases referred to the department such as grievances, allegations and claims, and supervising investigations related thereto.
  • Receiving the paper of administrative work and directing it to the relevant departments to complete the necessary, and follow up their work.
  • Preparation job description of the administrative functions according to the functions job and qualification required.
  • Supervising committee for the transfer and upgrades of contracted employees.
  • Transfer and upgrades contracted employees through the competent committees.
  • Employment according to the actual need of the departments.
  • Supervising fingerprint system and work to solve the problems of their own.
  • Supervising and coordination with the competent authorities to approve the actual requirement space for administrative departments.
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