Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Hospital Director assistant of Academic Affairs

Dr.Mai Mohammed Abo AlSaud

Assistant Hospital Director for Academic Affairs

About Academic Affairs

  • The Center for Academic Affairs and Training was established in 1989 to provide, within available resources, continuous education and training for all hospital staff.
  • The Research and Ethical Committee was established in 1993 and the Commission on Education and Training in 1994.
  • The Department of Academic Affairs and Training consists of five divisions: Medical Studies Center, Research, Medical Education and Training, Daycare, and Continuing Professional Development.
  • The Medical Studies Division consists of the following services: Nursing Orientation Program, Mandatory Update Program, Management of Nursing Interns- Students and Military Nurse Assistant, Nursing Educational Activities, and Accredited Nursing Diplomas.
  • The Medical Education and Training Division offers various programs for health and administrative staff, including students and employees, who contribute to the development of scientific and applied efficiency. Among these programs are external scholarships and internship, training of resident physicians and fellowships in the exact specialties approved by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. Health and administrative fields.
  • King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah held an agreement between public universities and private universities. Which contributes to the education and training of students of medical and nursing schools and technical and administrative disciplines, in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030.
  • King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital is also interested in developing technical and administrative medical skills and competencies through the continuous professional development division which includes: CPR, conferences and educational and awareness events, training of the OIS system, English language training, simulation

Vision, Mission , Value Statement , and objectives: -


We envision becoming a center of excellence through promotion of education, postgraduate training programs, staff empowerment and research.


The Academic Affairs, Training and Research Center will endeavor to provide high quality continuous education and training for all hospital staff and community.

Value Statement

  • Service - oriented care for our patients and staff: We anticipate the needs and prioritize delivery of training to meet high quality of care expected by both our patients and our leadership.
  • Motivation: We promote participation of our staff to work in partnership towards the common Mission and Vision of our hospital, KFAFH.
  • Aspire: We will empower through education, training and research programs our staff to reach the highest standard of patient care.
  • Reinforce: We are duty bound to the health and safety of patients, staff, and community; our priority will be staff development through education and training.
  • Teamwork: We will encourage multidisciplinary interactive efforts to foster a climate of cooperation and nurture opportunities for collaboration both intra and interdepartmental.


  • To develop advanced education, training and research facilities for health care professionals , hospital staff , and community through structured multidisciplinary education and training programs and academic events organized locally and in coordination with other organizations.
  • To develop an up-to-date, Electronic Medical Library and Media Services to support and facilitate education, training, and research.
  • To plan for future expansion of our center with a goal to provide the highest standard of education, training and research to meet our growing community of patients and staff.
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