Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs

Hospital Director assistant of Medical Affairs

Major General Dr. Waseem bin Marzouq Al Harbi

Consultant OB & YN / IVF / Endocrinologygyn

About Medical Affairs

Provision of high quality curative health services, by way of the optimal use of resources and technologies, and upholding an organizational and inspectoral and supervisory role on the curative services that have to do with the individual, family and community health, which come as part of the hospital policies

Tasks and Responsibilities – Assistant Hospital Director for Health Affairs
  • Technical and medical supervising on all Medical departments in the Hospital.
  • Organizing and coordinating the work with the departments, setting the work law and procedures, developing the job description of the Department, and pinpointing the workforce needs in terms of qualified specialists and technicians for working in the Department; and making periodical reports on the activities, achievements and performance upgrading suggestions, and submitting them to the Hospital Director.
  • Preparing and developing the regulations systems and instructions according to which regulate the workflow.
  • Preparing periodic reports on the activities of the Department and its achievements, as well as the suggestions aimed to develop work.
  • Supervising applying the procedures of the occupational health and safety within the hospital according to the standards of accrediting the health facilities and work quality.
  • Overseeing the applying of the technical programs, plans and policies of establishing and developing the buildings and emergency sections in the hospital, and submitting them to the Hospital Director.
  • Supervising and coordinating with the bodies concerned to identify the needs of the hospital of medical and assistant medical staff, and to prepare job descriptions for them and to prepare a manual of the operational and technical work procedures for both medical and assistant medical divisions.
  • Supervising and coordinating with the bodies concerned for studying the needs and requirements in terms of the electronic programs and technologies and laboratory devices, equipment and accessories, supervising the providing of qualified technicians and specialists, setting training programs for the workforce and considering the recruitment and scholarship applications.
  • Chairing the scientific technical advisory committees of the Hospital, participating in the scientific advisory committee, exchanging the information and expertise and providing consultations for the all medical departments, as well as participating with agenda at the domestic and international conferences.
  • Participation in the committees which are set up by the MSD.
  • To study the curative problems which are submitted to the department, and to put the forward suitable solutions to work on preparing the new medical programs on the field of health services and to develop them.
  • Raising the efficiency and viability of health care by means of developing the integrity of the services provided by the HOSPITAL departments, seeking to gain beneficiaries' satisfaction.
  • To check the publications related to the awareness of health services; as well as the brochures, booklets and video tapes which are prepared by the medical departments to determine the validity of the material they contain; and to adopt them before application.
  • Any other tasks involved.
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