Specail Needs

Specail Needs


  • Appropriate patient and family education system is available to help the handicapped patient to participate in the care process through employment of patient educators to educate patient in how to manage their illness or enhance optimism living with their chronic illness or disability.
  • The hospital has a process in place to protect vulnerable patients(e.g. disabled and elderly patients)

Patients with special needs:

The hospital provides the necessary assistance to patients with special needs where and when needed

  • Patients with special needs are provided assistance in case of fire
  • off-street parking space near the entrance are provided for disabled patients
  • Bathrooms are handicapped accessible
  • Wheelchairs are accessibility for wheelchair users

LANGUAGE Interpreter:

Relevant healthcare worker on duty may ask for a help in the following order when an interpreter is required:

  • Staff available with reasonable skill to provide the required translatieon
  • Patient affairs officer/Admission Officer who will arrang for interpreter

Paring policy:

KFAFH, provide Adequate handicapped parking Space and enforce its proper use

Specail Needs
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