Health Education

Health Education Department

Health Education is defined as working to raise health awareness and reducing the incidence of disease by providing the individual and the community with health information and healthy behaviors to adopt a healthy lifestyle and practices.

Health Education Mission

To provide a comprehensive and clear evidence-based patient and family education in King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital.

Health Education Vision

To be a recognized excellent place nationally and internationally for providing comprehensive health education programs, health promotion and prevention by using the updated and recent evidence-based medical research, aiming to Improve the level of health awareness for patient and family as well as to ensure continuing medical education for employees in safe and productive workplace.

Health Education Objectives

  • Raising the level of health knowledge for individuals and society
  • Strengthen the importance of the individual's role in disease prevention
  • Enabling patients and their families to identify their problems and health needs; and to participate in the medical care plan
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and eliminate unhealthy behaviors
  • Develop new ways to help the patient health education process
  • Development and production of health education materials
  • Organize health awareness activities
Health Education
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