Home Health Care

Home Health Care Mission

To provide safe , accessible ,comprehensive and continues Home Health Care to all patients in the Home Health Care Department and extended care .

Home Health Care Vision

To be a “health” center , we offer compressive Home Health Care that respect the rights of the patient and the highest quality and professionalism with continues training and construction of all employees and service providers in a productive work environment and team spirit.

Patient Eligibility and Admission to Home Health Care

  • All Military and Civilian MODA Staff and their dependents must be eligible for referral to the Home Health Care
  • Patient must be medically stable, not in need to the service of Acute Care Hospital or Long Term Care Hospital
  • Patient needs medical nursing and rehabilitation services in home environment
  • Patient must be free from substance abuse or psychiatric disorder
  • Patient must be living within 50kilometers radius from the KFAFH location
  • Patient requiring a 24-hour care must have a caregiver (e.g. home health aide, relative or housemaid) qualified to participate in discharge planning prior to patient admission to Home Health Care
  • patients referred from all departments of KFAFH by attending consultant
Target population

  • Bed ridden patients with: Chronic medical conditions (DM, HTN, ERD, CVA, etc…) and related complications, Advanced cancer patients, Post RTA, Home dialysis patients, Advanced dementia, and other geriatric syndromes, Pressure ulcer patients and, Chronic respiratory conditions and tracheostomy patients
  • Hemophilia patients
Services provided to the Home Care patient:

  • Medical services: Regular home visits by physicians for clinical evaluation, and management of chronic medical conditions, Factor VIII injection for haemophilia patient, Wound and pressure ulcer care and dressing.
  • Pharmaceutical services: Medication review and adjustment depend on progression of patient condition and new laboratory results e.g adjustment of insulin dose
  • Laboratory services: Extraction of routine and new laboratory investigations according to patient condition e.g. follow up HBA1C, serum createnin, lipid profile and other routine laboratory investigations for diabetic patient, Providing phlebotomist services for lab. requested by other specialties
  • Nursing services: Health education to patients/family or caregiver, Hygiene care, e.g., mouth and eye care, Nasogastric tube insertion and changing, Folly catheter changing
  • Respiratory therapies: Oxygen therapy and education, Tracheostomy care
  • Home dialysis services
  • Dietary services: Nutritional assessment and screening, Dietician referral if needed, Changing NGT, PEG tube care
  • Physiotherapy: Fall risk assessment and prevention, Use specialized equipment and exercises to improvement muscle strength, flexibility and mobility, Arrange durable medical equipment (as suction machine, medical bed etc..)
Home Health Care & ER
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