Within the Department of Support Services are the following sections:

The Housekeeping Services are responsible for maintaining the hospital in pristine condition – no easy task considering the number of staff, patients and visitors who daily walk the corridors. 

The service is labour intensive; modern robots are still no match for a trained eye when it comes to cleaning the corners and ledges.

The Housing section deals with all aspects of the staff accommodation. There are 10 locations in the city that house approximately 1550 staff. Accommodation varies in design from villas on western style compounds to individual apartments. For more information on Staff accommodation click here.

The Hospital Laundry has its own in-house flat work equipment , which services the main hospital and the off-site clinics. Last year the throughput was some 300,000 kg (dry weight) of linen and this year some 17,000 items of uniform will pass through the sewing room. In the near future the service will be totally renovated with microprocessor controlled, energy efficient machines.

The Food Services Section is responsible for serving regular meals and special diets to Inpatients, Outpatients and Staff 24 hours a day. Inpatient meals are based on choice menu for regular and special diets. Dieticians and diet technicians work closely with the section to ensure optimum nutrition for the compromised patient.

The Transportation and Motorpool section consists of a fleet of 150 vehicles comprising:

  • Ambulances,
  • Staff buses,
  • Water tankers,
  • Vacuum trucks,
  • Hospital maintenance vehicles,
  • Saloon vehicles.

The section organizes a busy schedule for transporting staff between the hospital, outlying clinics and their residences. All vehicles are maintained at the newly refurbished and equipped Motorpool Workshop.

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