The Radiology Department provides diagnostic imaging facilities for inpatients and outpatients. The services offered are:

There are three general radiography rooms equipped with Siemens Multix 3D3. These provide plain radiography for emergency, outpatient clinics and wards. An ancillary radiography unit is located in Primary Care Clinic. Five mobile x-ray units and two mobile fluoroscopy units cover mobile and theatre work respectively.

A separate room, equipped with a Mammomat 3000, has been alocated for mammography. The unit provides facilities for:

  • Mammographic imaging,
  • Breast localisation,
  • Stereotatic biopsy.


The 1999 workload for each section was as follows:

46,136 General and Fluoroscopic procedures,
193 Mammography procedures,
6,240 Computerised Tomography procedures,
1,642 Magnetic Resonance Imaging procedures,
7,636 Ultrasound procedures,
701 Nuclear Medicine procedures.

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