The Pharmacy Department has 5 sections: Hospital Main Pharmacy, Primary Care Clinic Pharmacy, and satellite pharmacies at Ground Forces clinic, Naval Base clinic and Royal Saudi Air Force clinic.
Each section has its own stock management transactions. The clinics provide crash cart supplies as well as delivering outpatient prescriptions.

The Main Pharmacy operates 24 hours a day for both inpatient and outpatient prescriptions. Pharmacists are assigned to each inpatient unit within the hospital to offer information to medical staff regarding drug interventions and pharmacology. The Main Pharmacy also manufactures all Total Parenteral Nutrition and I.V. Admixture services for sterile products. Pharmacy technicians provide an hourly service to all inpatient units for delivery of medication orders and for replenishing ward stocks.

Both the Main Pharmacy and Primary Care Clinic Pharmacy complete approximately 30,000 transactions per month while the satellite pharmacies fulfill approximately 8,500 transactions per month.

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