The Obstetric and Gynaecology Department and Ward provide medical and surgical services to the premature and full term pregnant mother. The ward consists of 4 labour beds, 3 delivery beds, 1 assessment bed, 28 antenatal/post natal and gynae beds plus a 20-bedded Well Baby Nursery.

The spectrum of surgical procedures covers simple D&C to pelvic floor repair and removal of tumors. Diagnostic and endoscopic laproscopy are routinely used in infertility cases and for ectopic and adnexal procedures.

Normal deliveries are preferred unless contraindicated. Mothers, if medically fit, are involved in their baby’s care at the earliest stages and breast-feeding is strongly encouraged. The Obstetric ward utilizes the Primary Care Nursing care model and promotes family centered care and partnership.There are on average 300 deliveries per month, of which 10% are Caesarian section.

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