The Serology section provides a routine serological testing service to the hospital, using the following: AXSYM (MEIA), IMX (EIA), QUANTUM and ELISA. We also use the following techniques: Latex slide, IHA and Immunblot (confirming HCV).

A wide range of tests are performed in the section, including:

  • ASOT
  • Brucella antibodies
  • CRP
  • HIV antibody
  • HCV antibody confirmation
  • Hepatitis B profile, surface antibody and antigen.
  • RPR
  • Rubella screening
  • Donor screening for HTLVI and II
  • SLE
  • Mycoplasma antibody
  • Chlamydia antigen
  • Anti-DNA
  • ANA
  • CMV
  • Leishmania antibody
  • Schistosoma antibody
  • Toxoplasma IgG and IgM antibodies
  • TPHA
  • EBV antibodies
  • HSV I and II
  • Echinococcus antibody

The section performing approximately 6,500 tests per month.

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