The Blood Bank section consists of the following:

  1. Blood donor service is open 6 days a week. Prospective donors are asked to complete a questionnaire before donating. In 1999 the number of blood units donated was 4,191, of which 3,068 were patient-related.

  2. Component preparation, where whole blood is processed and separated into:
    • Leukocyte reduced SAGM units.
    • Fresh frozen plasma (1,335 prepared – 1999)
    • Liquid plasma
    • Platelets concentrate (1,718 prepared – 1999)
    • Cryo precipitate (140 prepared – 1999)
    • For Plateletpheresis we use a COBE Spectra.
      For 1999, the number of patients transfused was 1,368, the total number of units transfused (RBC) was 3,170, Platelets transfused was 741 and Cryo transfused was 98.
  3. Routinely the following tests are performed in the Donor screening unit:
    • ABO RH type and antibody screening.
    • HBsAg
    • Anti HCV
    • Anti HIV I/II
    • Anti HTLVI/II
    • ALT
    • RPR
    • Sickle cell screen
    • Malaria
    • G6PD screen
  4. Main laboratory where the following tests and activities are performed:
    • Routine ABO-RH type and crossmatching.
    • Prenatal and Post-natal evaluation.
    • Cord sample screening.
    • Evaluation of warm and cold autoimmune haemolytic anaemia specimen.
    • Evaluation of transfusion reaction.
    • Issue of blood products.

The section runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Internal Quality Controls are performed daily with external DIAMED QC.

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