The Clinical Biochemistry section uses biochemical techniques to assist in the diagnosis of disease and to monitor patient management. The majority of the section is automated and directly linked to the hospital computer system.
The section providis a 24 hour service, 7 days a week. The present number of tests performed per month is approximately 90,000.

The analyzers we are currently using include:

  • Two HITACHI 917 for routine chemical analysis, such as renal and liver profiles, Glucose, Cardiac Enzymes, Lipids, Ammonia, Lactic acid, immunoglubulins, complement and Iron.
  • ABBOTT AXSYM using non-isotopic immunoassays for measuring hormones, tumour markers, therapeutic drugs, CKMB and Troponin-I.
  • COBAS VIVA used for measuring monoclonal Cyclosporin and other therapeutic drugs.
  • SYVA ETS PLUS to measure drug and other impurities in the urine and blood.
  • BECKMAN PARAGON for serum protein electrophoresis and immuno fixation electrophoresis.
  • CAMLAB automatic osmometer.
  • WESCOR sweat chloride analyser for the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis.

In addition to an extensive internal quality control program we also participate in external quality control schemes, such as MUREX, MEEQAS, and NEQAS Cyclosporin.

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