The Information System & Technology Department performs three major roles:

  • provision of hardware and networking services,
  • provision of software implementation and support,
  • provision of hospital activity information reporting.

The provision of hardware and networking services is achieved through the following hardware: 550 PC's each connected to a network with CAT5 UTP and Fiber optics cables. All cables are inter-connected to a central switch via 40 switches and hubs at speeds of 10MB to 100MB. Three satellite clinics are connected to the Hospital via leased telephone lines. At the core of the department are several servers running Novell, NT4 and Unix.

The software support and implementation is focused around the OASIS hospital information support system. This is a fully integrated information system that deals with administrative functions as well as patient and clinical functions.

The provision of hospital activity information reporting is concerned with collection of monthly hospital activity statistics and production of activity reports for MSD (Riyadh), Hospital Management and departments. Ad-hoc reports are also produced for departments or individuals.

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