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Administrative overview.

The hospital is directly managed by the Medical Services Division (MSD) of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA), with Brigadier-General Saleh Al-Ogayil M.D. as the Programme Director.

His administrative team are:

Assistant Programme Director,
Chief of Professional Services,
Chief of Cardiac Services,
Director of Finance,
Director of Nursing,
Director of Operations & Maintenance,
Director of Manpower, plus
Director of Supplies & Purchasing.

The ongoing construction of the new hospital extension has placed an additional workload on the Administration and Engineering departments. Completion is expected at the end of 2001. The comprehensive refurbishment of the hospital interior has shown the adaptability and dedication of all staff in minimising disruption to patient care as wards, clinics, work-areas and corridors have been upgraded.

The Finance Department is responsible for reporting accurate, meaningful and qualitative financial information to the Ministry of Defense and Aviation, Hospital management, hospital staff and suppliers. This responsibility is discharged by ensuring implementation of Accounting Policies and Procedures as per Hospital Terms and Conditions, while complying with Saudi Arabian Ministry of Finance Purchasing Rules and Regulations and the Saudi Labor Law.

The financial information system is fully integrated and associated with the following processes:

  • suppliers payment,
  • patient billing,
  • hospital operational cost and budgeting,
  • financial and management accounts.

Within the Personnel Department there are three sections.

  1. Employee Services deals with:
    • employee benefits as stated in their contracts,
    • airline ticketing for new arrivals, vacations and final departures,
    • processing and monitoring vacation entitlement.
  2. Recruitment deals with administrative process of bringing new employees into the hospital from the local population or from abroad.
  3. Human Resource. This section communicates with and also monitors the overseas recruitment agencies.

The Medical Record Department provides an effective medical record retrieval and delivery service for the main hospital as well as satellite, military screening and dental clinics. This requires prompt processing of medical record requests for all Outpatient appointments and Primary Care and Emergency Room patients.

The department also performs discharge processing which includes the completion of deficiency analysis, discharge summaries, transcription, as well as clinical coding. ICD– 9 CM code assignment is a crucial and specialised part of the process, since the medical record is a valuable source for individual patient treatment and for its potential in aggregating data for research.
Maintaining high standards in medical record documentation is necessary to achieve quality health information. This is an ultimate goal of the Health Information Management team who are trained to perform quantitative and qualitative medical record audits on a regular basis.

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